Common Areas of Expertise of Solicitors

Typical employment for solicitors includes the handling of a wide range of legal tasks. There are different types of solicitors Adelaide, and depending upon where they work, their areas of responsibility can be different.

Some common areas of expertise that solicitors commonly work include:

  • Personal Injury Claims: Choose to work with solicitors that specialise in a particular area, including personal injury claims (such as personal injury compensation claims, which cover pain and suffering and other medical costs), contract law, divorce and other civil law matters, commercial law, foreclosure and mortgage arrears, trusts, and criminal law.
  • Specific Social Issue: Clients can choose to work with solicitors Adelaide who specialises in a specific social issue, such as discrimination, sexual harassment, domestic abuse and child abuse. Most solicitors specialise within a specific area of the law. For example, several solicitors specialise in commercial law, while others specialise solely in criminal law. Some may specialise in several areas of the law, while others specialise only in one.
  • Public Safety: Choose to work with solicitors who specialise in matters concerning the safety of the public. For example, some may be involved in drafting bail agreements and other court orders that protect vulnerable people from jailbreak or from the trauma of having their homes invaded. Others may assist with civil law cases concerning defective products, worker’s compensation claims, commercial accidents, crime and violence, and the handling of children. Some solicitors even offer legal support to victims of crime, particularly after a crime has been committed.
  • Advocacy Work: Choose to work with solicitors who specialise in either the common law or the courts. Common law is the body of law that lies in civil matters such as wills and personal injury claims, civil fraud and contract law, and criminal law. Civil law includes criminal law, but also includes civil litigation such as probate, landlord/ tenant law, trusts, cohabitation, the landlord’s insurance and personal injury claims. The courts include criminal litigation that involves criminal acts such as murder, kidnapping, rape, homicide, arson, assault, battery, child abuse and more. This work can be very diverse and can involve a lot of investigation into the police and/or the legal system.

Solicitors can also work with law firms. These firms represent clients in the legal system, providing expert legal advice on a range of legal issues. Many solicitors work in partnership with other professionals such as barristers, solicitors and experts from other law firms. These partnerships allow the client’s legal team to concentrate on preparing the case for trial, negotiating settlements, and pursuing the litigation process to the fullest extent possible. Many solicitors also act as legal adviser to a company or organisation. A company would hire a solicitor to provide advice to the directors or officers of the company on any matter related to company law.

Solicitors AdelaideLastly, solicitors can represent their clients in the courtroom. The government employs many advocates to represent the interests of their client before the court system. They do this through the government’s own legal teams or independent advocacy groups such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. Government agencies or large companies often employ these solicitors to conduct official business before the courts.