Does Net Wrap Reduce Your Risk of Tooth Decay

Current research being done at the Cottonwood Field Station has been investigating the effect of net wrap on humans. The big question being asked does net wrapping affect the growth and health of humans. The researchers working on this project are looking for an answer to the question: do net wraps reduce the health of the rumens? The results of their research are expected soon. See more here.


net wrapThe net, a thin, lightweight, fibre material is being used to make plastic bags, and also wrapped food containers and other products for personal use. The fibres of the net to help trap air, preventing stale air from entering the food and causing problems. When this air is trapped, it causes the foods to go rancid, which is not suitable for the consumer.


The fibres of the net can also capture small particles, and this includes tiny food particles, which are usually too small to be picked up by the air when food is freshly cooked. So by wrapping the food before cooking it, and placing it in the refrigerator, we can protect it from rotten food.


Net wraps can also reduce the growth of fungi, yeasts, and bacteria. These things may cause bacteria and fungal infections in your mouth, which can cause a wide range of bad breath problems. The problem with many kinds of bacterial infections is that they can form toxins inside your body, causing the buildup of ammonia gas. Net wrap traps these toxins and helps to neutralize them, eliminating the need for antibiotics. See more here.


In addition to reducing the risk of infection, net wraps can reduce your likelihood of getting cavities. The way this works is that as air enters your mouth, it is captured by the net, reducing the space that bacteria and fungi can live in. The bacteria cannot grow and thrive in this reduced space. As these bacteria die, they are replaced by healthier bacteria, which eliminates the problem. See more here.


Food particles will also not accumulate in your mouth. The net wraps will help prevent them from getting stuck in crevices in your teeth, gums, and other places where food could end up stuck. The goal of reducing plaque and tartar build-up is to prevent the buildup of plaque in your mouth and gums. So, with a net wrap, you can keep your food safe and fresh in your mouth.