4 Signs You’re With the Wrong Driving Instructor in Melbourne

Bad driving instructors are one of the reasons why some people prefer learning with their family or friends. Its pretty unfortunate since we all want to learn from the best. But sometimes, we find that the best isnt good enough, especially if they have these four bad traits:


driving-instructor-melbourneIs your driving instructor Melbourne always in a hurry? Do you find that your sessions are getting cut short because your instructor has to leave early? Does your instructor skip on important parts of the lesson and hastily move to a new one without verifying if youve learned something or not? These are clear indications of an impatient driving instructor. Learning how to drive is a long and winding process. It takes a lot of time and commitment. Thats why impatience is a major red flag for a driving instructor. If you find that your driving instructor isnt finding time to help you learn effectively, then consider looking for a new one.

Bad Temper

Have you experienced getting shouted at by your driving instructor? Its one of the most common complaints that we hear from other students who ditched an instructor. Theres simply no excuse for an instructor to shout at their students for making a mistake. In fact, committing mistakes is the reason why you are taking driving lessons in the first place. A driving instructor with a bad temper is yet another red flag that you need to keep in mind. If youre dealing with an instructor with a bad temper, report them to their employer and start looking for someone who is more understanding whenever you make mistakes during your lessons.

More Time Talking

Another frustrating thing about a bad driving instructor is spending more time talking than actually doing something. Its quite frustrating to know that youve spent money on your driving lessons and youre looking to progress. But most of the time was spent just talking, and you go home feeling like youve wasted your money. Yes, theories and other things are critical, and they deserve to be talked about. But at the same time, the application also plays a huge role in your learning. So, if you find that most of what youre doing during your driving lessons is talking with your driving instructor, inform them about it. If they dont change, look for a new instructor.

Constantly Asking for Money

Heres one that you can spot a mile away. If your driving instructor is constantly reminding you of his pay, the chances are thats all he cares about. A good driving instructor Melbourne worries about whether his student will learn something from him first. Sure, getting paid is important. But they need to put in the effort first in teaching you how to drive. Thats why you paid them for in the first place. If they keep nagging you about their pay, then consider looking for another instructor who will give you value for your money first before anything else.