Introducing the AdelaideTools Makita 18v Circular Saw: The First Cordless Rear Handle Circular Saw

Japanese power tools brand Makita made a massive splash at the first quarter of this year by introducing their new 18V brushless circular saw. The blade is located on the left-hand side, but don’t call it a worm-drive saw just yet. It doesn’t have that type of gearing. While it looks quite similar to a hypoid saw, Makita isn’t calling it that either. Instead, the AdelaideTools Makita 18v circular saw uses a helical gear that provides better transmission efficiency, larger cutting capacity, and oil-free maintenance.  Check it out now!


Introducing the Makita 18v Cordless Circular Saw

Are you right-handed? If so, the traditional circular saw with a blade-right configuration doesn’t give you the best visibility since the blade itself is hidden behind the motor and handle. Instead, with a blade on the left, a right-handed user can see the blade as it touches wood, which enables them to know what they’re cutting.


The majority of left-blade tools of today are bulky, corded, worms-drive setups that are ideal for roofing and framing. However, it’s a bit off on general woodworking. Fortunately, the AdelaideTools Makita 18v circular saw is different – it has features, which are opposite to the traditional circular saws. It’s lightweight, cordless, and doesn’t have a worm-drive setup. It also provides up to 36 volts (via two 18-volt batteries) of power. It has also shown to perform better than both corded and brushless saw options. At the same time, it also has a cutting power that rivals that of other corded circular saw variants, making it an extremely convenient machine to have for woodworking and other applications.


Why You Should Check It Out

The circular saw has a maximum of 2 9/16 inches of cutting depth, which means it can cut a three-inch by four-inch dimensional lumber in a single pass alone. For a cordless saw, that’s already a tall order. However, we tested this amazing cordless circular saw by Makita at the World of Concrete convention, and we found that there was no binding whatsoever. Its cordless feature didn’t compromise on performance and power. So as you can see, using this fantastic circular saw will provide you with many conveniences when it comes to woodworking and other jobs.


The all-new AdelaideTools Makita 18v circular saw v.2 will release this coming spring. We’ll be updating the pricing once it hits the hardware shelves. Subscribe to our newsletter now to stay updated.